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I have always loved photography, and I started shooting pictures in my teen years as soon as I acquired a camera. At Northwestern I worked in the Audio/Visual Department while attending college, as well as for two different newspapers. Those jobs provided me great opportunities to shoot a lot of interesting subjects. In the years that followed, after I became owner, editor and publisher of The Sabine Index newspaper, I continued to enjoy taking photographs for pleasure. The following are some of my favorites which hold a lot of personal significance. 

Dr. Harry M. Hoxsey

Keeper of the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment
March 4, 1958 - Dallas, TX

John Wayne

November 11, 1958
Natchitoches, LA

1 Harry Hoxsey.jpg
2 John Wayne.jpg

Johnny Horton

with Tillman Franks and Tommy Tomlinson
April 2, 1960 - Shreveport, LA

3 Johnny Horton.jpg

The Louvin Brothers

H. L. Hunt

August 19, 1961
Shreveport, LA

Louisiana State Fair
October 28, 1961 - Shreveport, LA

4 The Louvin Brothers.jpg
5 H L Hunt.jpg
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